Consult large and diverse groups with Wevaluate

Consult large and diverse groups with Wevaluate.

Our methodology

The core of Wevaluate’s scientific methodology is that putting the citizen in the position of the decision-maker through an online environment:

  • Participants are given information about the decision-maker’s dilemma and experience what choices the decision-maker has to make. In doing so, they get an overview of the consequences of those choices. Participants have to take into account constraints such as; a constrained budget or an obligatory goal. Participants can’t choose everything. Like the actual decision-maker, the participant must make trade-offs.
  • Participants advise the decision-maker, justifying their advice.
  • Wevaluate analyzes the participants’ answers and produces a report that offers the decision-maker (client) detailed insight into the participating populations’ values, preferences and concerns.

Thus, Wevaluate increases mutual empathy between citizen and decision-maker.

Our 3 pillars:

We facilitate participation, evaluation and communication.


Involve citizens, clients or employees in larger management decisions.


Gain insight into values, preferences, and concerns of citizens around policy dilemma.


Provides citizens with information regarding a policy dilemma and (impacts) of policy options in an active and engaging way. And strenghtens mutual understanding between citizens and decision-makers.

Scalable, efficient, representative & scientifically validated

Wevaluate is:

  • Scalable. From a small group of a couple of hundred, to the population of a country , we can facilitate scalable participation.
  • Efficient. You can involve the participating population in just 20-30 minutes, starting from just a few euros per participant.
  • Representative & Inclusive. Our low participation threshold enables a large and diverse group of the population to participate at a time that suits them.
  • Scientifically validated. Our structured method is updated with the most recent scientific research.

Wevaluate is based on a scientific method: the Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE)

The Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE) is an innovative method that allows companies and government to consult citizens on the policy dilemmas of its decision-makers. PVE was developed by researchers from TU Delft, VU Amsterdam and ITS Leeds. More information on this method can be found here.

Populytics brings the scientific method PVE into practice with Wevaluate.

Wevaluate as part of our services

We provide consultations from start to finish letting participants experience an issue or dilemma using our platform Wevaluate. For more information, click here.

Our clients

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